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How Do Online Piano Lessons Work? What Do You Need To Have?

What do you need for online piano lessons?

Strong internet

An iPad, laptop or smartphone with a reasonably sized screen

A tripod (This can be bought on Amazon or Gear4music)

A piano or digital piano/keyboard

Which platform will we be using?

FaceTime works well for Apple users

I usually use Zoom, Skype or Doozzoo for other users.

All these platforms deliver high-quality sound. We will discuss which app you will need

to download before your consultation piano lesson.

What happens during online lessons?

At the beginning of each lesson, we always check to make sure that the sound and video are working well. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the sound, let me know, and we will reschedule.

Either during the lesson or in between lessons, PDFs/ documents with sheet music can be sent. This allows me to add fingering and dynamics, for example, to the music. Theory homework can be marked.

Recordings can be sent during or after the lesson. I may send you a short video of the piece that you are learning to play on the piano.

As part of your learning journey, I will suggest pieces that you can play and books that you can buy which are in alignment with your musical goals.

Sometimes I will send out pdfs with printed music.

The entire piano lesson can be recorded for you to watch again at your convenience.

Why have I chosen to teach piano online?

I decided to teach piano online in order to inspire students worldwide and have a greater musical impact. Learning to play the piano online has been proven to be effective, and you learn from the comfort of your own home.

Which pianos are in my studio?

In my studio, I have two new grand pianos. Lessons are delivered from my Yamaha CX1, which is a beautiful acoustic grand. Sometimes I also teach from my digital grand so that I can add the sounds of other instruments. I offer the best instruments to give you the optimal learning experience.

If you are genuinely interested in music lessons, why not book a free consultation. This will last around 15 minutes. During this session, you can see for yourself how the online piano lessons work and ask any further questions.

I look forward to meeting you virtually or in person!

Natasha (Piano teacher at Online Piano Academy)

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1 Comment

Nina Ali
Nina Ali
Oct 30, 2022

Useful article. Nicely written 😀

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